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Our Mt Wellington Showroom has a great range of glass, ceramics and accessories which are perfect for your wedding or event.

By Oceans Floral 19 February 2018

New Cello Frost Fibre Sheets

Glass cylinder vases with diamante wrap

Hanging teardrop vase

Accessories - diamante wrap, pins and feathers

Glass cylinder vases, plastic flower girl baskets and half silver fish bowls

Plastic sectional arrangement stand, ceramics, organza wrap, satin ribbon and glassware

Corsage Bracelets - rock candy and pearl

Corsage bracelets, Parafilm and wire

Fish bowls and cylinder vases

Glass Belly Candle Holder w/Wire Wrap & Handle

Fish bowl and Starry Night lantern

Tulle net and ceramic lanterns

Bindwire, artificial jute ribbon and jute twine

Ribbons, glass cylinder vase, tulle net and ceramic lanterns

Non Woven Embossed Flourish wrap and chunky spider mesh

Hanging vases and Glass Belly Hurricane W/Copper Around Neck & Rope Handle

Glass Fish Bowl

Glass Cylinder Vase With Honey Comb, Glass Cylinder Vase with Rings and Glass Belly Candle Holder w/Wire Wrap & Handle

Granite look ceramic, Estuary ceramics, and ceramic bird feeder

Jute Bags, organza wrap, tulle wrap, ceramic ripple vase and ceramic beach vase

Please note that flowers and foliage are props only and are not available for sale.

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