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OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife — Frequently Asked Questions

By Oceans Floral 22 November 2018

Oasis Brand Floral Products
OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife — Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Biodegradation?
Biodegradation is when molecules are broken down by microbes, leaving behind methane gas, CO2 and/or organic matter. The entire mass of a material must be broken down into these three components for it to be considered biodegradable.

What is OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife and is it biodegradable?
OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife is the same high-quality OASIS® floral foam, trusted worldwide by the industry, that has now been formulated to biodegrade. This product has been shown by independent biodegradability test ASTM D5511 to biodegrade 51.5 percent within 365 days in biologically active landfill conditions.

Who is ASTM and why do we use their tests?
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is a not-for-profit organisation that helps define the agreed international standards for materials, products, systems, and services. ASTM’s independent, standardized testing methods allow us to make qualified claims about the biodegradability of our products. With many companies offering so-called ‘green’ products, it can be confusing for consumers to distinguish a genuinely green product. ASTM tests are recognized internationally as the benchmark in biodegradability and, specifically, the ASTM D5511 is a test performed by an independent laboratory to verify claims of biodegradability in anaerobic conditions.

What happens after 365 days?
Our current ASTM test results show that OASIS® Bio Floral Foam biodegrades 51.5 percent within 365 days. Given its immediate environmental benefits, we have been keen to bring this product to market as soon as we could, rather than waiting for further test results. We are confident in this product’s continued performance, and will continue to publish updates on the biodegradation rate as product testing continues.

What makes OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife biodegradable?
The new foam formulation has been designed to attract the microbes present in modern landfills, so that they can break the foam down into methane, CO2 and organic matter.

Do other floral foams biodegrade?
A brick of standard floral foam can be reduced to sand-like granules and is environmentally neutral (it has no harmful effects.) This degradation (and potential biodegradation) occurs over an unknown period of time — more than 100 years.

When does the biodegradation process begin?
When the floral foam is put into the ground and comes into contact with microbes the process begins. This process will accelerate in a modern landfill.

Is there special storage needed for OASIS® Bio Floral Foam?
No, there are no storage requirements for OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife. However, it is recommended that all floral foam be kept dry until use, be kept out of extreme temperatures, and be used within 12 months of purchase.

Will OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife compost?
OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife has not been tested for compostability and therefore no claims regarding compostability can be made at this time. We are working towards further formulations that allow for industrial composting, and further information will be released when new developments are made.

Does it still look, feel and perform like the OASIS® Floral Foam I’m used to?
Yes - apart from the colour! We have removed the green dye from the Bio Floral Foam, meaning it is brown – this way users can tell it apart from our standard foam. The performance of the foam is not affected by its biodegradable formulation, and OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife maintains all of its beneficial attributes including grip-enhancing density and texture, fast absorption, and the ability to keep flowers fresher for longer. You can use OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife in exactly the same way you would use our traditional Ideal floral foam.

Will OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife cost more?
Because there is a higher cost involved in producing the Bio Foam with its new formulation, it will be slightly more expensive to buy the new foam, with the added benefit of biodegradability.

Will there continue to be new formulations of OASIS® Floral Foam?
Yes. As part of the Smithers-Oasis culture we are constantly looking for ways to be an increasingly sustainable company and provide environmentally-friendly products and solutions to our customers.