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Spotlight on Design Master

By Oceans Floral 3 March 2017

At Oceans Floral we carry a large range of Design Master products, perfect for your floral and decorative needs. The range includes paints, dyes, glues, glitter sprays, cleaners, creative finishes and products specifically for florists. Design Master are experts in colour, they study trends and colour intricacies, and create brilliant colours to make your flowers, accessories and design projects pop.

Design Master's versatile products are great for your floral projects and so much more, many of the sprays can be used on a myriad of surfaces including glass, ceramic, wood and fabric or you can apply various techniques to achieve special results. We've collated some basic information about our Design Master products so that you can choose the perfect product for your floral or craft project.


Our Design Master Floral Spray Paint range includes 50 different colours and three Design Master products, Colortool Sprays, Colortool Metals and Wood Tone Spray.

COLORTOOL Sprays and COLORTOOL Metals are versatile and fast-drying color. They are delicate enough for use on fresh flowers, yet sturdy enough for all sorts of surfaces. An ultra-fine mist provides smooth application plus opportunity to create color infused patinas by layering colors or using simple techniques. COLORTOOL Metals provide metallic colour with all the versatile properties of the classic COLORTOOL Sprays.

WOOD TONE SPRAY is a rich translucent wood-toned hue which builds to a glossy shine. Use to mimic wood finishes on hard surfaces and floral products. Popular as an antiquing glaze, Wood Tone adds instant aging to almost any colour or surface.

All three products are super versatile and great for both floral and craft projects, they can be used on a wide range of surfaces including fresh flowers, foliage and fabric through to ceramics, glass, wood and paper.

Check out the following Design Master videos for more info:
Product Overview - Colortool
How to Spray Flowers

We have three gorgeous new Colortool Spray colours - Blush, Maroon and Pacific Blue, these great modern colours are right on trend.

BLUSH - A bashful warm pink. Popular this year, and not fading away. Look for it to be social with several colour partners.

MAROON - This delicious blue red sophisticates many palettes. Flower friendly hue. Yummy with Champagne Gold!

PACIFIC BLUE - A blue-green of the Pacific waters, an energized calm. Agrees with all colour families as the star or accent.

Check out the following Design Master videos for more info:
Design Master Colour Spotlight - Maroon

Everyone loves some glitz and glam, our Design Master PREMIUM METAL sprays, each have unique properties for their function and finish. Super Silver, 24KT Pure Gold, Rose Gold and 14KT Gold provide the quickest coverage of our metallic colours. They reflect the brightest colour and have a smooth plating-like finish. Gold Medal, Platinum and Bronze are thick covering metal colours with a semi-gloss sheen and a durable, scratch resistant finish. Premium Metals are great on many surfaces including Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Dried Flowers, Silk Flower and Wood.

New Premium Metal colour CHAMPAGNE GOLD is a rich, lustrous metallic finish with high coverage in an extra thin coat. Champagne Gold is a pastel, gold metallic coating with the high reflectivity and plated-like finish of our 24KT Pure Gold spray.

Check out the following Design Master video for more info:
Design Master Colour Spotlight - Champagne Gold

GLOSSY SPRAYS have strong, pure colour in a high gloss, durable finish. Use on surfaces requiring hard-wearing colour such as ceramic, concrete, glass, metal or wood.

GLITTER SPRAY instantly embellishes most surfaces in a sparkling finish of micro glitter. Add the WOW factor to weddings, proms, holidays, parties and special events with a twinkling accent or a glistening blend. Safe on fresh flowers, foliage, poinsettias and other potted plants.

New übermatte® SPRAY is trend colour and trend finish in one easy-to-apply spray! übermatte delivers quick-covering, fast-drying colour in an ultra-matte sheen. Create modern smooth finishes or use simple techniques for worn vintage patinas. übermatte is hardwearing colour with strong adhesion to transform many hard to colour surfaces. Refashion clear glass vases into a colour design element for floral design. übermatte is the ultimate change up artist for craft and DIY projects too!

Limited stock available in 12 great colours: Peony, Radish, Salmon, Light Ochre, Sprout, Mist, Lake, Wisteria, Crema, Beach, Graphite and Ink


JUST FOR FLOWERS is transparent flower dye in a convenient spray application. It instantly colours any flower without concealing the blossom’s delicate features. Fresh, silk and dried flowers become infused with a natural impression of colour. Just For Flowers’ transparent nature allows underlying colour to visually interact with the dye colour. Change a basic white blossom to a dye colour or blend and accent hues on coloured blossoms. Just for Flowers can be used on many surfaces including fabrics, ceramics and glass.

CLEAR LIFE is a clear protective mist that seals in moisture to keep flowers fresh. It extends the life for fresh flowers without a water source. Ideal for corsages and boutonnieres.

ABSORBIT is a systemic floral dye, that colours fresh flowers through the stem to the blossom… colouring from the inside out. It is sometimes referred to as being a stem dye.


TACK 1000 is flexible adhesive ideal for light-weight and delicate materials. Use for repositionable or permanent bonds. It is fresh flower-friendly.

TACK 2000 is strong, multi-purpose bonding for heavier materials and floral products. Safe on fresh flowers and foliage. Even holds wet moss.

GLUE FOR GLITTER is invisible drying adhesive for adhering all types of sprinkle decoration.

SILK FLOWER CLEANER refreshens permanent flower bouquets and foliage plants to protect your investment. Removes dust and dirt from fabric flowers and plants, dried flowers plus holiday greenery and restores and maintains original beauty.

CRYSTAL FROST replicates the unique patterns of frost crystals on glass or non-porous surfaces. Accent window displays, vases, hurricane globes or votive cups.

New MESS MASTER functions as a solvent cleaner to remove spray paint, resins, stickers, decals and residues. It cleans up so many jobs, this special floral cleaner is a “must have” work tool. It’s unique attribute is that it’s a solvent to the Design Master sprays meaning that it can be used as a design tool too. Spray some on a paper towel and use it to wipe away colours, giving your items a distressed look. It’s a great blending agent, use Mess Master to blend different colour sprays together, producing your own unique look.

Check out the following Design Master video for more info:
Product Overview - Mess Master

New überfrost™ clear ultra frosted finish makes it easy to craft artisan frosted glass accents for party decor or home accent! This quick-drying, ultra-matte clear spray can produce several effects on glass, mirror, acrylic, ceramic and smooth surfaced items in just minutes. Apply straight-from-the-can in a smooth frosted finish on clear or coloured glass. Think super easy sea glass or modern, texture blocked glass. Or… use a simple technique to fashion an artisan style, salt blasted finish. It’s super easy with stunning results! überfrost also changes glossy finishes to matte.

Check out the following Design Master videos for more info:
New Uberfrost - What you can do
How to make Frosted Glass
How to make Salt Blasted Glass

For more information on Design Master products, please check out the product info on our Oceans Floral website, the Design Master website or for techniques and inspiration Design Master videos.

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